Kenneth Kinnersley Lodge

No. 9218 Meeting in Midsomer Norton, Consecrated 1987
Meets every 2nd Tuesday of the Month. Tyle at 6:30 pm.

Kenneth Kinnersley Lodge - An Introduction

Kenneth Kinnersley Lodge's home is at the Masonic Hall, Redfield Road, Midsomer Norton and it welcomes all Freemasons and enquiries from potential candidates. Midsomer Norton is about 10 miles south of Bath, 15 miles South East of Bristol and conveniently close to the market towns of Shepton Mallet, Frome and Wells.

The Lodge meets at 18:30 on the second Tuesday of the months of February, April (17:30), September, October and December. In addition to the formal proceedings, there is a busy schedule of less formal meetings and social events to which all are invited.

Current membership is about 45 members representing a wide range of ages and occupations.

A Brief Kenneth Kinnersley Lodge and Masonic Hall History

Being a relatively 'young' lodge, much of Kenneth Kinnersely Lodge No 9218's history naturally revolves around its illustrious founder Rt Wor Bro Kenneth Casswell Kinnersley.

Kenneth Casswell Kinnersley, affectionately known as 'KK', a local business man, was initiated into Connaught Lodge No 3573, Midsomer Norton, on 18th January 1939. He became Worshipful Master of the lodge in 1951 He was promoted to Provincial Junior Grand Warden in 1957, to Grand Standard Bearer in 1966 and was appointed Provincial Grand Master of Somerset in 1981, an office he served until his retirement in 1990.

In early 1985 Somerset Province, as part of its programme of expansion, was actively looking to open new lodges. The then Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Very Wor Bro Gilbert Parrott, petitioned the Grand Lodge of England for permission to name a new lodge after the then Provincial Grand Master. Much to his and many others' surprise this request was granted! It was a very rare, if not unique, occurrence for a lodge to be named after someone living, a great honour indeed and the Lodge was then consecrated on the 11th April 1987 (which is marked on the Lodge Banner) and the Lodge has continued to thrive ever since and is a fitting testimony to the memory of its Founder.

Kenneth Kinnersley Lodge meets in The Lodge Building, situated close to the centre of Midsomer Norton, about 50 metres west of St John's Church. It was paid for by bonds purchased by brethren of Connaught Lodge No. 3573 and by the aid of a bank loan. Its cost in 1912 was £914! The Masonic Building is owned by Connaught Lodge and is held in Trust for all the brethren by four appointed Lodge Trustees.

The consecration of the Masonic Hall was carried out on 11th April 1912, by the Provincial Grand Master, Rt. W.Bro Colonel W. Long, and in order to ensure that the Lodge should be properly furnished for the occasion, some of the furniture was borrowed from the Bath Lodges and it would appear that some of this may still be in use at Midsomer Norton!

The accommodation includes the entrance hall leading to the dining room, which also contains a bar, at the far end of the dining room is the ante-room and cloakroom. A staircase leads from the entrance hall to the first floor where the Temple and a further ante-room are situated.

The Hall is used by several Masonic organisations, but the ground floor dining room and accommodation is also available for letting or hire to local organisations.

Kenneth Kinnersley Lodge is particularly proud of its two Ashlars (symbolic stone blocks) which stand in the NE and SE corners of the Lodge. They were commissioned by W Bro. J Legg in remembrance of our founder, Rt Worshipful Bro. Kenneth Kinnersley and were made by W. Bro Alwyn Leek of the Royal Sussex Lodge, No. 53, Bath. The rough Ashlar skilfully depicts the "emergence" of the Perfect Ashlar with its Lodge Crest out of the rough hewn stone and is especially pointed out to entered apprentices at their initiation.

Kenneth Kinnersley Lodge is pleased to own a Masonic Library, which was generously donated W Bro. Alex Parkin.